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MOP 301

Optimized for use on Land and Hard Surfaces

MOP 301, brown/green in color, is a unique blend that is optimized to remove every trace of oil from land and hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. MOP 301 will immediately restore traction and re-establish safe footing on smooth surfaces. The aggressive holding properties will not allow MOP to release oil back into the environment.


  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Organic and Recycled
  • Immediately begins to absorb oil on contact
  • Repels water
  • Does not sink
  • Contains traction restoring grit
  • Removes old stains on smooth surfaces over time
  • Does NOT require Hazardous Waste Disposal


  • MOP can be spread and cleaned by hand (for small spills) or brushed into a larger spill using a simple broom. Use enough MOP to cover the spill and work MOP into spill to completely absorb the spill.
  • Since all the components of MOP 301 are fully biodegradable, the byproducts of any cleanup-that does not involve any additional toxic agent—does not require treatment as a hazardous material.
  • Used MOP 301 can be directly tilled into a soil farm disposal system. This can be done with oil laden MOP301 or after absorbed oil has been recovered.
  • MOP 301 is compostable. Naturally occurring microbes within a composting system will work to fully remediate the used MOP. Both MOP 301 and 201 can be composted
  • MOP 301 is burnable. Once oil is removed from the saturated MOP 301, it can be burned as fuel.Freight train in garage
  • MOP 301 can be disposed as solid waste.

*Not for acids or caustics. The absorption of individual or a combination of chemicals may create certain hazardous conditions which MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for nor warrants against.